Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy for Online Merchandise

At, we’re committed to offering our customers shopping convenience, exceptional service and an exciting product selection at competitive prices.

UNDERSTANDING OUR PRICING: and Santana Row Studios operate separately. This means that the products and prices offered at each may be different.

For example: might carry something not offered in Santana Row Studios.

A handbag may be priced differently in the Santana Row Studios than on

Similarly, promotional offers (such as coupons and additional discounts) offered at one may not be used at the others. 

For example:

In certain cases, a coupon offered in Santana Row Studios may not be applied toward purchases on

Promo codes, free shipping offers and bonuses on may not be applied toward Santana Row Studio purchases.These differences, in part, reflect the additional costs associated with international shipping.


Sales apply to selected items only. For example, if we say “50% Off on Handbags,” it will include many items, but not all Handbags. If everything in the identified category is included, we say “all” (e.g. “All Shoes on Sale”). 


Most of our product(s) are not inclusive of product additionals (Brand dustbags, Brand packing, etc). This is because discounted stores of the brands concerned do not provide the product(s) additionals, however, if the concerning brands provide product(s) with the product(s) additonals, Haute24 does not withold such product(s) additionals and have them granted to you. Concerning certain brands, do provide the product(s) additionals at an additional price, in such case, you may purchase such product(s) additionals for an additional price. The only exceptions are most super luxury product(s) by which you will receive the exact brand packing and dustbags as the stores provide (Terms apply).